About Us

We are a team of 4 passionate android developers from the XDA-Developers forums. This project is inspired by Master_T’s iYTBP basically and taken from him after he announced EOL.

  • ZaneZam (Publishing & Support)
  • Razerman (Mods, Theming & Support)
  • KevinX8 (Support)
  • Laura Almeida (Theming & Support)
  • Koopah (Shell God) Manager Dev
  • AioLight (Github) Manager Dev
  • Logon (UI) Manager Dev
  • X1nto Manager Dev
  • bhatVikrant (Website) Other Contributors
  • bawn (SponsorBlock) Other Contributors

X1nto is a developer of the Vanced Manager android application, and now he is one of the team members. We hope he takes care of everything related to the manager. Also, hoping that he adds new features and some SAI features like disabling the APK signature to it. This saves a lot of time for rooted users.

This site is maintained by a group of volunteers and provides official GitHub releases for the users. Also, you can find various guides on solving the problems of Vanced.

Keep visiting this site for the latest updates, news and more.

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