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ReVanced/Vanced Music is a music client which comes with high-quality audio, ad-free and more.

Application clients have tuned up a large gathering of fans over the past couple of years because they provide premium features that would’ve otherwise required purchase on the original application. Many people can’t afford to make monthly purchases, which leaves them to look for third-party platforms from which they can satisfy their quench for free music. Sometimes the client would offer better and more exciting features than the original application; an excellent example of such third-party clients is the Vanced Music APK, YouTube Music Premium’s free substitute.


What is Vanced Music APK?

Listening to music isn’t just about moving to be beaten; it’s the vibes and energy that these songs give out and the messages we can relate to. Some of these creations have gotten us through a lot, and therefore, paying for them seems unfair. That’s why we have the Vanced Music APK.

Vanced Music APK is a modified version of the original YouTube Music app and especially the premium version. It is usually installed from the Vanced Manager, a YouTube Download manager app that allows users to install the YouTube Vanced application without an SAI installer app. When streaming music using Vanced Music, you can freely explore all the added features and functionalities that would’ve been paid for in the basic YouTube Music Premium.

Version Info

NameVanced Music
DeveloperVanced Team
Size60 MB
Last updatedJune 23, 2024

Download Vanced Music APK (YouTube Music Premium) for Android

To install Vanced Music APK perfectly, you would need the MicroG application with the Vanced Manager package for Android devices. MicroG needs to be installed before YouTube Music and YouTube Vanced. Since the app uses third-party API sources to display content for its users and the anti-ban features that came pre-installed prevent YouTube from noticing that you’re using a mod. One would need the latest Vanced Manager update that can’t be downloaded from the app store but through a secure link.


Note: We have added ReVanced Builds since Vanced has been discontinued.


Stream songs and videos nonstop


With the Vanced Music application, AKA YouTube Music Premium, users can stream both songs and videos, switching between the two as they wish. I found this to be fantastic because whenever a song is playing, and I’d like to see the artist’s creativity in their videos, I can always tap on the song-video switch at the top, and the video will pick up from there. Watch and listen to content in their original formats under one roof, unlike other music streaming apps that only provide audio options.

Create your playlist


If you’re feeling confident enough, you can pick out some of your favourite songs and create a playlist that you’d enjoy. Similarly, you can adjust the privacy of these custom playlists to the following:

  • Public: Gives access to anyone on the platform to search and view your creation.
  • Unlisted: You can opt to send the link to your custom playlist to specific people and get their feedback on whether or not you can make it as a DJ.
  • Private: You alone can view and play the tunes from your playlist.

Access local offline music


Instead of having different downloaders and music players, you can always rely on Vanced Music APK to get both experiences under the same platform. Import your local music and play it from the application.

Ad-free experience

vanced music offers full ad-free experience

Ads are annoying and can easily cut short your interest in a video, especially if they line up together under one video. However, you no longer have to bear with the annoying video ads that always interrupt your streaming experience on YouTube. With the Vanced Music APK, adblocking is a significant feature implemented to give users the premium streaming experience they deserve.

Background playback


Usually, with the basic YouTube Music application, it would be impossible to keep your video playing once your phone’s screen turns off. However, while using the Vanced Music APK, I could turn off my screen, and the video would continue playing as audio. This way, I can enjoy listening to the original video’s unedited parts that are usually cut out in its audio version.

Show your liked music from YouTube.


All the music videos you happened to mark with a thumbs up in other YouTube apps will be shown in your ‘likes’ playlist. This way, you don’t have to risk losing the songs that touched your soul and rolled you in the deep.

Improve recommendations


Vanced Music APK provides users with daily recommendations based on their previous streaming decisions or repeated streaming habits. Furthermore, the app also lets them pick the artists they like to improve the suggestions offered. Typically, it says that one should pick five artists they like, but if you happen to find it hard to choose the top 5, you can select as many as you want.

Save mobile data charges.


To reduce your roaming data charges, you can turn on this option that prevents the music from being streamed without a Wi-Fi connection. You can also limit mobile data usage by only streaming HD videos on Wi-Fi. Some options allow you to set the audio quality on both mobile and Wi-Fi networks, and the options vary as follows.

  • Low
  • Normal
  • High
  • Always High

Show animated thumbnails


Thumbnails are a captivating and attractive part of any image used to promote a song or video. These animated thumbnails are designed uniquely to satisfy your quench for art and music before playing the video itself.

Amazing podcasts


When YouTube Music had just gotten into the streaming game, it didn’t have podcasts available. However, users can now access killer podcasts in audio versions, and others even come in the form of videos as interviews and stories.

Real-time lyrics


Most of the videos and songs offered by Vanced Music APK come with full and accurate lyrics that allow users to sing along to their favourite tunes without embarrassing themselves with the wrong lyrics.

Related Recommendations


Whenever you pick a movie to watch on any streaming platform, such as Netflix, there are usually recommendations that the app offers you. These recommendations are generally related to the recent movie you’ve chosen, and some of them turn out to be better than your initial choice. Vanced Music APK offers related options for every song you’re playing, allowing you to choose similar content that is sure to keep you in the right mood.



With a plugged-in headset, one can alter a few audio settings, such as the bass, midrange, and treble. You can also change the sound effect mode using real sound technology. Become the master of the content you’re listening to by adjusting a few audio features that suit the streaming experience.

Restricted mode

Some people tend to share their smartphones with their kids to keep them entertained, while other kids have access to their phones. If you’d like to hide your kids from inappropriate content, then this feature is specially designed for you. The restricted mode hides songs and videos that may contain inappropriate content, most of which are flagged by users, among other signals. While this feature is highly effective, it isn’t 100% accurate. However, most of the content you wouldn’t want your children to see will be hidden.

Allow external devices to start playback

When your car is connected to external devices such as car Bluetooth or headsets, these devices can start playback once the feature is turned on.

Final Words

Stop wasting time and get a hands-on streaming experience that comes with all the premium features, but most importantly, free of charge. The Vanced Music APK will revolutionize the music industry by giving its users full control of whatever they’re listening to.

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  1. Muy buenas pero tengo un s9 plus y la versión de YouTube music no descarga las musicas ya revise y esta todo actualizado incluyendo el micro g

      • Question: why does YT music on a cell phone not display play random form playlist but on a tablet? does support random paly back playlists, and definitely Android desktop freeform mode support random paly back playlists, and currently on a androidTV does support random paly back playlists even if you are forcing tablet mode…. In the past it did I liked that feature playing back all my favorite music videos in a playlist with random paly… I hope this can be fixed some how

        Pregunta: ¿Por qué la música YT en un teléfono celular no muestra una lista de reproducción aleatoria pero sí en una tableta? admite listas de reproducción de reproducción aleatoria, y definitivamente el modo libre de escritorio de Android admite listas de reproducción de reproducción aleatoria, y actualmente en un AndroidTV admite listas de reproducción de reproducción aleatoria, incluso si está forzando el modo tableta … En el pasado, me gustó esa característica reproducir todos mis videos musicales favoritos en una lista de reproducción con reproducción aleatoria… Espero que esto se pueda arreglar de alguna manera

    • Sorry, there is no update from Vanced Team. If you want to use the latest version, we recommend you use ReVanced apps.


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