Changelog for Vanced Manager


  • New UI for Vanced app cards
  • Added a progress percentage inside downloader dialogs
  • Pressing the version card in the About menu will now show a manager changelog menu
  • Updated layouts to make them look more similar
  • “INSTALL_FAILED_INTERNAL_ERROR: Permission denied” will now always redirect to MIUI optimizations dialog
  • Optimized accent-themed views
  • Removed/Updated old code
  • Fixed button not working in the welcome screen for RTL languages
  • Fixed “[INSTALL_FAILED_ALREADY_EXISTS: Attempt to re-install without first uninstalling]” in root installer
  • Fixed crash if session id output doesn’t output numbers in root installer

Changelog for YouTube Vanced


  • Bumped base
  • Preferred quality for videos fixed
  • battery drain fixed
  • random switching to white theme fixed
  • sponsorblock buttons getting stuck at the end of videos fixed
  • video id not getting set on sponsorblock
  • Copy url button fixed
  • Swipe controls fixed (however in order to make them work end cards have to be disabled now while swipe controls are on)

Known issues:

  • casting still broken on nonroot due to microG, it will need to be patched upstream first, use stock youtube for now (vanced does not block casting ads)
  • preferred quality not working on portrait videos (has been an issue since 15.x)


  • Bumped base
  • login bug finally fixed
  • New logo redesign
  • ExoPlayer v1 has been fully removed by google, so the toggle for it is also gone, anyone with lag issues should try forcing VP9
  • added SponsorBlock segment voting support (thanks to cane)
  • fixed various issues related to SponsorBlock (also thanks to cane)

Changelog for Music Vanced


  • Base updated to 2.25.52
  • Fixed Bettery drain issue for real this time


  • Increased base to 4.24.51
  • Changed logo
  • Fixed battery drain issue

Changelog for MicroG


  • update to latest upstream
  • fix missing class