Vanced MicroG APK Download (Official)


Vanced/ReVanced MicroG Vanced/ReVanced MicroG offers GmsCore, which allows users to sign in to their Google accounts. Do you want to log in to YouTube Vanced app with your Google account? If yes, you should install Vanced MicroG APK on your Android device to get account subscriptions, playlists and more. A must-needed app for the Vanced … Read more

5 The Best YouTube Alternatives for Android


The YouTube app is the world’s most popular video-sharing platform with 2billion users and 79% of all the internet users having an account on YouTube. It is the most effective video marketing platform with an accumulated view of a billion hours per day. To put it into perspective, YouTube has had more visits than yahoo … Read more

6 The Best Free Android Video Editors for YouTube Creators


When a project concerns video editing, YouTube creators are aware that the most common requirements are decent specifications and enough processing speed as well as the memory that can sustain the rendering of these creations. While computers are specifically designed to handle such tasks, depending on the quality of the device you have, mobile phones … Read more