Vanced MicroG APK Download (Official)


Do you want to login to YouTube Vanced app with your Google account? If yes, you should install Vanced MicroG APK on your android device to get account subscriptions, playlists and more. A must needed app for the Vanced users who uses our services such as YT Vanced and Vanced Music. Without this, you won’t … Read more

Top 5 Android Photo Editors for YouTube Creators to Make Thumbnails


Billions of monthly users access YouTube but only a fraction of these entertainment seekers pay attention to the smallest details that make up such a massive media platform. One of these common features that you always notice before opening any video but never seem to pay attention to are called thumbnails. These are basically the … Read more

Top 5 YouTube Music Alternatives for Android & iOS


I believe by now; all Android users have noticed that their Google Play Music service has been replaced by YouTube Music and can no longer be accessed. While the app allows users to transfer their music libraries from Google Play Music to its interface and offers fantastic curative features such as Assistive Playlist Creation, some … Read more

YouTube Music vs Spotify: The Best in Premium Segment?


Android users have seen YouTube Music dominate their operating systems by replacing Google Play Music and providing a larger online platform from which people can access their favorite music along with Spotify. Both these services offer their users access to tens of millions of songs and have proven to be quite the competitive lot when … Read more

6 The Best Free Android Video Editors for YouTube Creators


When a project concerns video editing, YouTube creators are aware that the most common requirements are decent specifications and enough processing speed as well as the memory that can sustain the rendering of these creations. While computers are specifically designed to handle such tasks, depending on the quality of the device you have, mobile phones … Read more